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Words we should bring back!

  Words are wonderful things. This is the first of an occasional series of silly things to say. Absquatulate; Verb; to leave somewhere abruptly. Put it along with bobsy-die. (noun; a great deal of fuss or trouble). He absqualated without

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Unintended Consequences

Originally posted on Notes from the Overground :
You can now download my first novel to your kindle from Amazon.*Version*=1&*entries*=0 Over 500 hundred pages for less than £2.00, what’s not to like?

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On Remembering and Forgetting

We’ve all heard it – things were different – better, colder, hotter, freer, brighter, cleaner when I were a lad. Many of us will have heard the plaintive – TV might have had only two black and white channels in

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Have a smashing festive season

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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow – Part 2

The trials and tribulations of puberty notwithstanding hair remains, through the following years, something of an indicator of growth, maturity and personality development. It is also responsible for further heartache. Why this is the case is beyond my comprehension. I

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Latest Scottish Polls

From – Constituency: CON 14%, GRN 2%, LAB 23%, LDEM 7%, SNP 50%, OTHER 4% (Survation/Daily Record, 17/11/2014) CON 8%, GRN -%, LAB 23%, LDEM 6%, SNP 57%, OTHER 5% (Ipsos Mori, 04/11/2014) CON 15%, GRN -%, LAB 27%,

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Lima Climate Deal

A few early thoughts on today’s’ deal on Climate change at the UN talks in Lima with some initial thoughts inserted. According to sources the highlights are The agreed document calls for: An “ambitious agreement” in 2015 that reflects “differentiated responsibilities

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