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Paris 2015 – CoP 21

CoP 21 is over; the politicians have all headed home patting themselves on the back, and“Didn’t we do well.” echoed across the airwaves. The world is saved and we can all look forward to a greener happier future; well no

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Crisis is the clear absence of leadership

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There may be a huge debate about the leader of the World. According to the Oxford online dictionary ‘‘The person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country’’ is the leader. For me, leader needs…

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COP 21 In a Few Pictures

COP 21 in pictures 1 This is what they want you to see; This green and pleasant land, blue skies, green grass, carbon free energy, what’s not to like? But where are all the people and why are the blue birds

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Insanity Piled Upon Insanity

Ferret Alert! We’ve just published this… If you like it please consider sharing it with people you know. Peaceful campaigners branded terrorist threats By Billy Briggs on Nov 03, 2015 07:04 am Animal rights, environment and anti-nuclear campaigners are “of

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As usual I watched the Channel 4 News this Friday evening. Amidst the nightly litany of political bickering and self aggrandisement there was utterly unadulterated horror.  On the borders of the richest continent in the world the people of the

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U-turn: Is that fair ?

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Hard-working people are against funding cuts (austerity) and even Keynesian economics believe that austerity is negative to economic growth. A huge number of people from different walk of life have been refusing budget cut as they…

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Just for a Giggle

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