Words We Should Bring Back Part 2

Kakistocracy – A government that’s run by its worst citizens. So what’s new? When is this not the case?

Lubitorium – A service station. My car is in the lubitorium for an oil change.

Magirology – The science of cooking.  So, a magirist is an excellent cook. I am so magirologically challenged I managed to burn a boiled egg.

Naufragate – To wreck something; and Niveous – Adjective meaning snowy or resembling snow. The roads were so niveous he skidded and naufragated his car

Ostrobogulous – Bizarre, unusual or interesting. Speaks for itself.

Pollinctor – an undertaker. Isn’t this just perfect?

Pulchritude; Noun; physical beauty. And Pulchritudinous; Adjective; beautiful

If there was ever a word that didn’t sound like its meaning then this is it. Imagine, she was so pulchritudinous she made your eyes water. Or the Venus de Milo defines the very essence of pulchritude. It’s a fantastic word. Use it every day!

Quatervois – Crossroads. Bonnie and Clyde met at the quatervois in the town centre and absquatulated before the cops came.

Resistentialism – The theory that inanimate objects demonstrate hostile behaviour toward us. It is true, just ask my computer!

Semiopathy – The tendency to read humorously inappropriate meanings into signs.
The sign said “Wet Paint” so I chucked a bucket of water over it.

Syzygy Just because it’s, the only English word with three Ys also happens to describe a rare astronomical event involving three heavenly bodies. A syzygy is the alignment of three celestial bodies in a straight line. Well why not?

Tyrotoxism – To be poisoned by cheese. One for the super sleuth, Hercule Poirot eat your heart out.

Ultra-crepidarian – To give opinions on topics beyond one’s own knowledge. Just what I am doing now perhaps? It is the life blood of social media the world over.

Vagarious – Erratic or unpredictable in behaviour or direction. His actions are so vagarious that nobody knew where he was heading.

Whelve – To bury, or hide something underneath something else. He whelved the bodies where the pollinctor would never find it.

Xanthippe – An ill-tempered woman. She was such a xanthippe that the magarist refused to cook for her.

Yemeles – Careless; negligent. I really must check my spelling more often but frankly I am too yemeles to bother.

Zabernism – The abuse of military power or authority; unjustified aggression. Take your pick, there are too many instances over the past few decades for me to list them.

My work background is in operational meteorology and in my career I have been involved in forecasting for everything from bananas to jumbo jets.I joined the Met Office 1974 as an observer at Glasgow Airport. After training as a forecaster, I worked as an Operational aviation forecaster at various defence sites and airports. In 1982, I moved to Glasgow Weather Centre as a forecaster and STV broadcaster till 1988. He then took up a post as Senior Forecaster London Weather Centre, then Senior Forecaster ITV where I qualified as a trainer in presentation techniques for the ITV Association. After being diagnosed with MS, he moved into management and became Head of London Weather Centre in 1997 followed by a period of front-line management for Southern England and Europe covering London and Cardiff Weather Centres and the Met Offices on defence stations from Akrotiri in Cyprus to St Mawgan in Cornwall. He took up the post of Met Office Chief Advisor for Scotland & Northern Ireland in March 2008 and moved to Edinburgh. I retired in September 2014. My one claim to fame is once performed a comedy sketch on TV with Manuel (Andrew Sachs) from Fawlty Towers in support of Comic Relief.

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