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Spider Letters

This from The Ferret. Prince Charles lobbies the Scottish Parliament. The heir to the throne, Prince Charles, privately lobbied Alex Salmond when he was First Minister to give money or political backing to an organic food group, his north highland food brand,

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Is Westminster Dancing to Salmond’s Tune?

Originally posted on The Garden Lobby:
You’ll remember the posters during the General Election campaign warning that a Labour Government would be in the pocket of Alex Salmond and the SNP, but what’s the reality and should we be paying…

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More Shakespeare

More links around Shakespeare in Cambridge  The author of the book spreads more enlightenment here and here. I guarantee you will not be bored. Buy the book!

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Tuesday Thoughts 2

On the 14th of August the Global Food Security programme published a report on the increasing risk to food supplies from extreme weather. USA Today found the time and space to report on this on the22nd of August, but for

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Fringing the Fringe

The Edinburgh Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival; a vast conglomeration of things, comedy theatre, art, serious and silly, poets and passion, music, kids stuff, events and exhibitions. The Fringe provides thousands of opportunities to indulge the bit of your

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How wrong can the papers be, this illustrates just how poor journalism has become in the UK. First the Torygraph on Wednesday the 12th still spouting anything to demonise the SNP. Headline “Is the SNP about to split as a

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Some Tuesday Thoughts

Some articles over the past few days on Climate Change. First, thoughts on the ongoing heat wave in central Europe from Deutche Welle  stating their understanding that climate change has arrived in Central Europe. Jen Thurau the author states  –

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Some Monday Thoughts

With thanks to – and

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NextGenClimate: We Can’t Continue to Entertain Climate Change Deniers

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How Times Have Changed

Last Sunday four generations of my family enjoyed an afternoon out  at Lochore Meadows Country Park and a fine time was had by all. This lovely spot in central Fife was once home to many now lost mining communities. The astonishing revitalisation

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