Hidden News

While the UK population gazes at its collective navel trying to decide if it’s an innie or an outie the real world carries on regardless. For example; in an incomprehensible judgement the US supreme court has decided to block Barack Obama’s clean power plan. This was of course the first part of the US ‘s attempt to meet its carbon reduction commitment made at COP 21 in Paris.

The temporary freezing of the EPA’s new rules designed to cut emissions from power plants puts yet another nail COP 21’s coffin. The Supreme Court was persuaded to suspend the new rules until a Washington DC circuit court hears appeals from 29 manly Republican led states, numerous corporations and industry groups.

So not so supreme after all!

Also hidden away in the recesses of press obscurity was Binyamin Netanyahu’s declaration that he wants to build a fence to “Surround all of Israel”. Two things come to mind. 1) Which border would they choose? Sykes Picot from 1919, Paulet Newcombe 1920-23, 1947 UN partition plan, the Blue Line or the Green Line or would in enclose also the (illegal) Settlements. And 2) Since the Donald is keen on border fences can we send him there? I’m sure he and Binyamin would get along famously.

Still there was some better coverage of the detection of Gravity Waves, though what Trump et al made of this astonishing achievement we haven’t heard. It would be fun to ask!

And we said farewell to Philae the small probe that landed on a comet. After ten years of travel it has entered “Eternal hibernation”. We can only hope it will turn up again in a Star Trek episode.

Live Long and Prosper.

My work background is in operational meteorology and in my career I have been involved in forecasting for everything from bananas to jumbo jets.I joined the Met Office 1974 as an observer at Glasgow Airport. After training as a forecaster, I worked as an Operational aviation forecaster at various defence sites and airports. In 1982, I moved to Glasgow Weather Centre as a forecaster and STV broadcaster till 1988. He then took up a post as Senior Forecaster London Weather Centre, then Senior Forecaster ITV where I qualified as a trainer in presentation techniques for the ITV Association. After being diagnosed with MS, he moved into management and became Head of London Weather Centre in 1997 followed by a period of front-line management for Southern England and Europe covering London and Cardiff Weather Centres and the Met Offices on defence stations from Akrotiri in Cyprus to St Mawgan in Cornwall. He took up the post of Met Office Chief Advisor for Scotland & Northern Ireland in March 2008 and moved to Edinburgh. I retired in September 2014. My one claim to fame is once performed a comedy sketch on TV with Manuel (Andrew Sachs) from Fawlty Towers in support of Comic Relief.

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