They said, bring back our sovereignty, our laws should be paramount, our parliament should be the only place to make laws, “TAKE BACK CONTROL” they screamed. But when the brexiteers get what they wanted they yell foul and blame the referee.

Love them or loath them the judiciary in the UK is independent of parliament and their decision on the 3rd of November to insist that parliament does its job and hold the executive to account was exactly what the leavers called for. No longer would British law be subsidiary to Europe’s, decisions made on behalf of the people must be made in Westminster. You couldn’t make it up, suddenly for a few of the more foaming at the mouth brexiteers, to quote T.S. Eliot, “That is not what I meant at all. That is not it, at all.” Suddenly our laws and our judges are undermining the will of the people.

My thanks to the Huffington Post for these few gems.

1. Suzanne Evans

The UKIP leadership-hopeful today took to social media to question how the High Court’s “activist judges” “dared” granting Parliament a vote.

But in May this year, she made the case for Brexit by saying that people should vote Leave to undo the “peril” being wrought on “parliamentary sovereignty”.

”Our boys didn’t fight in two World Wars for a United States of Europe. They fought and died for what is now is peril: our democratic independence, our freedom, and for the parliamentary sovereignty of the United Kingdom.”

2. Nigel Farage

The man who forced David Cameron to hold an EU referendum in the first place said he feared a “betrayal may be near at hand” after today’s news.

Lamenting Parliament being given a vote is far cry from what he wrote in October 2015, when the then-Ukip leader wrote in the Daily Telegraph:

“I believe in Britain. A Britain outside of the EU with an exciting future ahead of it. A proud, patriotic country that has control of its borders, represents itself on the world stage and makes its own laws in our own sovereign Parliament.”

3. Patrick O’Flynn

But in two separate posts on Twitter O’Flynn argued, first in 2011 then in 2013:

“Parliament has the sovereign right to MAKE the law,”

“The UK parliament is sovereign and legitimate to us.”

4. Leave.EU

Co-founder of one of the anti-EU campaign groups Aaron Banks released a statement on behalf of the group accused the judges behind today’s decision of “declaring war on democracy”.

But both Leave.EU and Banks have previously been great defenders of Parliament being the sovereign and ultimate decision-maker.

The campaign but out at a statement in November 2015 that read:

“Vote to leave the EU to ensure law-making power returns to our sovereign national parliament.” 

While Banks commented in May this year:

“If parliament is sovereign we can either do a brilliant job or awful depending on who we elect. It’s called Democracy.”

5. David T. C. Davies

One Conservative MP, recently of ‘dental checks for child refugee’ fame, suggested the move to give his colleagues a vote was taking away power from the people.

He earlier wrote in May this year:

“I believe it is wrong that laws are made by unelected officials in Brussels, not by elected MEPs and certainly not by our own MPs in Westminster.”

6. Jack Lopresti

The Conservative MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke was another of those furious at the judges’ attempt to “thwart the will of the British people”.

But he argued in a letter signed by 14 other Tory MPs back in January this year that:

“Whatever one’s views on the EU debate, many will agree that parliamentary sovereignty should be the key focus in any renegotiations.”

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