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As you get older the accepted view is that you get wiser. I am not convinced this is true. What you get is a head full of ‘stuff’ and like your the clothes wardrobe, some of that stuff will be good but most of it will consist of a collection of old, ill-fitting and unfashionable garments that really should be dumped. These remnants of tattered personas I wore add little to the sum of human knowledge; they merely serve to fill up spaces in my otherwise empty head.

So the question is what can I do with all this stuff?

Well, I could attempt erase my memory with a surfeit of drugs and alcohol and, while that may have some attraction, it is unlikely to be entirely successful and could be expensive. It is also clear to me that being about to retire, or, depending when you read this already retired, I can’t afford it. As Kurt Vonnegut’s Elliot Rosewater once said “and so it goes”. (A novel everyone should read by the way.) But I am already digressing; this will happen more often as time goes by.

For the moment then I shall attempt to put some of the good stuff to use and at the same time discard the rubbish.


One comment on “About this Blog
  1. Hi Alex, Sarah from BBC Radio Scotland’s Newsdrive here. On today’s programme we want to do an item on the weather. Our presenter Bill Whiteford is keen to get you on to speak to us – he says he has enjoyed your contributions in the past. Unfortunately the number i have for you appears to be an old one! looking for a live at 16.05. Email me – sarah.heardman@bbc.co.uk Cheers,


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