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I am not often a great fan of Twitter, however, this from Channel 4 New’s John Snow just about sums up the appalling state of democracy in the UK. Listen and weep.   

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They said, bring back our sovereignty, our laws should be paramount, our parliament should be the only place to make laws, “TAKE BACK CONTROL” they screamed. But when the brexiteers get what they wanted they yell foul and blame the

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As usual I watched the Channel 4 News this Friday evening. Amidst the nightly litany of political bickering and self aggrandisement there was utterly unadulterated horror.  On the borders of the richest continent in the world the people of the

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So long July

July was not a happy month, especially for holiday makers in the UK. Cold and wet about sums it up for most of us. If you’re interested in the numbers they are here. Other oddities to end the month include

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Latest Scottish Polls

Less than a week to go to Election Day and the polls in Scotland still have the SNP way out in front.   Labour languishes, Lib Dems are nowhere and the Tories show a slight improvement. What does this indicate for

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Austerity, Austerity there’s nothing like Austerity, There never was a word of such deceitfulness and calumny! (Apologies to T.S. Eliot!) Paul Krugman is a Nobel Prize winning economist with a host of professorships to his name. He has written 20

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Reasons to be Cheerful

Elections on both sides of the Atlantic have dominated the news cycle over the last couple of days. Hilary Clinton, looking a bit like everybody’s favourite, folksy granny, launched her bid to be the democratic candidate for the presidency of

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