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I couldn’t resist this by Liam Kirkaldy  © Holyrood Magazine, especially the description of Nigel Farage as a cross between Napoleon and Captain Birdseye. With hindsight, it seemed inevitable that the EU referendum campaign would be decided by a badly

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Labour Party in Scotland

The result of general election 2015 in Scotland variously described as cataclysmic, seismic, catastrophic, unprecedented, historic watershed, labour humiliated. A Scottish Lion roaring says Alex Salmond, and David Cameron gets back into number 10 saying “It’s the sweetest victory of

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Post Holiday Blues

I’ve been away for the last two weeks or so and made deliberate efforts not to follow the news in as obsessively as usual in the vain hope that when I got back things would have changed. How wrong I

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Come back Spitting Image

The news media has become increasingly shallow. It is less willing to openly challenge the dogma that lies behind government policy, preferring instead to discuss minutiae within neo-liberalism dogma than to consider broad policy themes. In an effort to fill time it follows

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