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You’ve just got to love this! From the Oxford English Dictionary. Definition of trumpery in English: noun (plural trumperies) [mass noun] 1 Attractive articles of little value or use: None of your woollen drapery, nor linen drapery, nor any of

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Hidden News

While the UK population gazes at its collective navel trying to decide if it’s an innie or an outie the real world carries on regardless. For example; in an incomprehensible judgement the US supreme court has decided to block Barack

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President Turns Up the Heat On Climate Change

This is taken from the latest summary from Carbon Brief. Back in June 2013, Barack Obama first signalled that he intended to make tackling climate change one of his key legacy issues. Under the brutal summer heat at Georgetown University,

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Tuesday Thoughts 2

On the 14th of August the Global Food Security programme published a report on the increasing risk to food supplies from extreme weather. USA Today found the time and space to report on this on the22nd of August, but for

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Some Tuesday Thoughts

Some articles over the past few days on Climate Change. First, thoughts on the ongoing heat wave in central Europe from Deutche Welle  stating their understanding that climate change has arrived in Central Europe. Jen Thurau the author states  –

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NextGenClimate: We Can’t Continue to Entertain Climate Change Deniers

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So long July

July was not a happy month, especially for holiday makers in the UK. Cold and wet about sums it up for most of us. If you’re interested in the numbers they are here. Other oddities to end the month include

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